Friday, February 1, 2013

5 Productive and 5 Unproductive Things a Teenager Can Do When Bored

As a teenager I find that most of the time I'm BORED! Here is a list of 5 productive and 5 unproductive things that teenagers can do when bored.


1. Exercise- Exercising is a great way to stay fit, burn time and calories, and feel productive. You can start by making an exercise plan, or whenever you have the time take a run. Or if its too cold or rainy outside,  stay in and do push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, etc... And if you don't have the equipment go visit a gym.

2. Join a Club- Almost every community has an array of clubs and groups to join. No matter what your interests are you are bound to find something you enjoy and you just might make a few friends along the way.

3. Get a Job- Even if your not old enough to get employment by a traditional franchise, you are likely able to  get part-time employment by neighbors, friends, or parents. Whether we like it or not, money rules our society and it never hurts to have a little in pocket.

4. Help Around the House- Even though this doesn't sound like very much fun it gets the parents on your good side. I know that when I get bored and there is nothing else to do I will take out my iPod and jam out to tunes while helping mom with the house.

5. Do Something that Inspires You- As teenagers we are looked at as lazy sloths that sleep all day. However I know that as teenagers we are very intrigued by various things. From sports, photography, writing, music, art, the list goes on! When I get bored I post blog entries, I make videos, write stories. These may sound like hobbies to some and for the most part they are, but who knows maybe you will be so successful doing what you love that your hobbies might become your carrier.

P.S. If your interested in photography, writing, or art they're are several online contests that you can submit your work to and make money and win prizes.


Once all of your homework and chores are out of the way sometimes we are too worn out to do anything besides veg out. Not that you want your whole life to be filled with unproductive activities but every once and awhile its healthy to take a load off.

1. Take a Nap- Seriously, it burns loads of time. In this day and age few people sit back and relax. Sleep is the perfect way to ease stress, plus we all know we have a few hours of sleep to catch up on.

2. Pay YouTube a Visit- YouTube is full of great content for a bored teenager! Take my advise and pay these YouTube channels a visit: RayWilliamJohnson, Smosh, RecklessTortuga, derrickcomedy, and  WKUK

3. Chill With Friends- As humans we craze social interaction, so get out there or have your friends come to you. Play games, go stir up some trouble in the community (within reason), talk about your lives, have an Airsoft war, go to the movies, you know what you enjoy so go enjoy it with others.

4. Listen to Music- We all have our preferred styles of music, however I have never met anyone that does not enjoy music altogether. The biggest celebrities and YouTube videos all have something to do with music and there is certainly a reason for that. 

5. Watch a Movie or TV Show- Whether you have noticed it or not Hollywood works off the clock producing movies for our enjoyment. Most movies even have a valuable lesson to be learned. So there is no harm with watching your occasional movie.
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Post Written by Rowan Domayne Johnson

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