Thursday, March 3, 2016

Play Pokemon On Your Phone

If you're like me than you have searched the app stores high and low looking for a Pokemon game but had no luck. Well thanks to an old roommate of mine I have found an awesome way around this and now can play Pokemon as well as any other Game Boy game on my phone. Here is the trick, enjoy! If you are using an Iphone CLICK HERE

Find a Game Boy emulator

On the app store search for 'Game Boy Emulator'. Personally I use "My Boy! Free" a GBA (Game Boy Advanced) Emulator. There are several different emulators for different era Gameboys so choose whatever you prefer.

Download your game of choice

Once you have your emulator downloaded you are halfway to playing Pokemon! The next step is to choose you prefered game file or ROM. You can find Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance ROMS at LOVEROMS.COM. Download whatever game you want to play on your phone.

Run and play!

Now that you have your emulator and your ROM, open your chosen emulator. There it will ask you which file you want to load, choose the file you just downloaded and it will open right into the game! 

The possibilities are ENDLESS

Remember this is not just for Pokemon you can get a ROM for basically any Game Boy game ever created, as well as games on Nintendo and other early gaming platforms! Enjoy.

Please note that the process for this is different for IOS users and you should click here if you are using an iPhone. Thanks for reading!

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