Friday, March 22, 2013

How to Find the Perfect Party Dress

Get the party started! That is the message 'New Look' has for all you teens who want to look hot in your party dresses this spring! Party dresses are a wardrobe staple for teen girls, and as with most of 'New Look’s' versatile range, they can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. 

Cute floral and animal prints are simple, sassy and elegant and will certainly make you teens look way too cool for school this spring! The midi dress is also chic this season, and 'New Look' has a range of midi dress colours and prints to suit all tastes. Aztec prints, tapestry prints, polka dots, butterfly and other animal prints are on the high street this spring, and they are certain to put a spring in your step on the way to that cool party that everyone is talking about!

Some party dresses have been designed this season to showcase the clever “nipped-in” waist feature, which allows you to adjust the party dress to the size you require. This feature can even be used to adjust party dresses to better suit the occasion or time of day. Fitted party dresses with a nipped in waist are sure to impress all those hot guys walking past at night when the party is in full swing. The adjustable nipped-in waist feature can also be adjusted to afford causal comfort, for those trips to the shops, or down at the pizza or ice-cream shop. 

Party dresses can be accessorised wonderfully with cool, chic accessories like beads, a satchel bag, cropped demin jackets, sandals or some cute jewelry to make you fit right in at that coolcat party your friends were dying to be invited to. You can even pair a cute party dress with a demure cardigan to keep watchful parents happy (if it cramps your style, you can always hang it over the back of a chair later as the party heats up!). 

A  party dress should be light, durable and easy to care for. Simply roll it up and it fits snugly in the smallest of handbags – perfect for a discreet change of clothes in the bathroom on your way to the coolest party in town. Minimal ironing will keep your party dress looking fabulous. 

So the verdict on New Look’s range of party dresses this spring is that these dresses are hard to beat! Many have a classic, timeless cut making them suitable for wearing all year round depending on how you choose to dress them up or down or accessorise them. Gone are the days when the party dress was a high fashion indulgence! This is sure to put a smile on many a parent’s face and with timeless, classic cuts these great, chic,simple party dresses can even be stored for little sisters, or cousins to ‘grow into’ from fashion season to season. New Look has all the answers for teens looking to make a cool impression this spring, so get down to New Look and get kitted out in the latest coolcat party dresses! 

Article by Sarah Smith

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