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How to Make Friends in High School

Whether we like to admit it or not, humans craze the feeling of being liked. We are social creatures that have been blessed with a complex ability to communicate very clearly with one another. So I say we use our gift to the best of our ability and get out there and make new friends.

High school is full of different people that all have different opinions and interests. Sometimes it's hard to social with various students when they don't seem interested, but I will let you in on a little secret - we ALL craze social interaction. This article will tell you some ways that you can get out there and make new friends, all you have to do is be confident and give these simple suggestions a try!

Mix it Up

High school is usually divided into cliques, or a group of people that share a common interest (ex. jocks, preps, band nerds, etc...) however branching out is great! You will learn more about different people, interests, and activities. here are some ways to do just that.
  • Sit at a different lunch table then you usually do. Now sadly sometimes certain people won't appreciate an outsider joining their table. But try it out, explore several different groups and be sure to introduce yourself and start a conversation.
  • Join different clubs like yearbook, a sports team, chess club, drama club, etc... There are so many options in high school. And remember that you don't have to know how to play chess to join chess club, be strong to join football, or be a good actor to join drama. As long as you try your hardest and support your teammates they will embrace and teach you.
  • You can always do volunteer work for something your passionate about. With all the pollution,  crime, and world disasters (sorry to be dark) happening these days it shouldn't be hard to find something to participate in. The best part is that you are likely to meet someone interesting that shares your passions while helping out your community.

Don't be shy

It's only natural for us to be shy. Daily we are told no, and are rejected, so whats going to be so different now? Well most people enjoy being around a confident person. Not saying that you can't be shy but try not to shake or get so nauseous you puke.
  • Be the one that starts a conversation, there are two benefits to this. First you get to pick the topic which can be a powerful advantage, for instance you can pick a topic that you are strongly educated and/or passionate about. Secondly you don't seem like a creep just standing there waiting for the other person to say something. When I talk to strangers sometimes I will walk over and simply say "I hate clowns." It can be as simple as that, plus it's intriguing, "why does he hate clowns"?  Yours can be anything but keep it simple and light to began with.
  • Don't be afraid to talk to someone you don't know, Within reason of course. I'm not telling you to go talk to some 50 year old candy man that drives a white van. As long as you feel comfortable that the person is safe than you should definitely whip us a conversation with them. 
  • Introduce yourself to whomever your just spoke to. It does you no good if you just connected with someone but they have no way of knowing who you are.

Be a good friend

Once you have established new relationships you have to continue to spend effort maintaining them. 
  • Be loyal to everyone that calls you a friend, you shouldn't lie to a companion. High school is notorious for gossip, and your actions will get back to the ears of your friends sooner or later. 
  • Be there for your friends when they need it the most. Now don't spend all your time trying to fix their problems, but when they ask you for help and advice be there to show them you care. 
  • Be reliable, if you tell someone something, try to follow through on your word. If you keep blowing off your new friends they won't trust you in the future.

I hope this article helped you make tons of new friends, now all you have to do is balance your time between them all! Good luck and the best of wishes to you.

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Post Written by Rowan Domayne Johnson

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